From April 2nd, 2017

Beware, DW ❤

WD (aka ‘Wild Drawing’) completou um mural de mocho, em Atenas, no Petit Paris d’ Athènes art festival (Outubro de 2016) “Knowledge speaks – Wisdom listens” foi o nome dado ao trabalho – WD disse: The owl as bird is famous for its exceptionally good far vision, particularly in low light. Nowadays Greece is […] via “Knowledge speaks – Wisdom listens” — Conversamos?!…

Quick thing about eating ❤

Okay, so, it is important to know that we eat to live, not live to eat. Besides that, when we eat, we must definite need to make sure we eat calm and eat proper things for our body. That does not mean you can’t taste everything that may make you crave a bit, but make sure the things you eat are mostly if not all, things that help your body cells in order to produce energy, to re make destroyed macromolecular structures or “build” new ones. Our metabolism may sometimes seem slower or faster, depending on the stage we are…

In case you happen to stop by ❤

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy Laduree macarons, walk by the umbrella street and take a moment to observe other’s way of living, besides limiting to shopping and toursim stuff. ❤   Luxembourg is a small European country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany it is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries. I hadn’t heard much about it before visiting and was pleasantly surprised by Luxembourg. The city is a UNESCO world heritage city full of fortresses castle and old medieval buildings. Kaale Kaffi This is a cute […] via Things to do in Luxembourg —

Currently … ❤

Sunday demands for another quick movie besides anything else!  Here’s my suggestion. Enjoy the movie Enjoy sunday Enjoy your life And be the change. Hope dream wait, always Take care, xx  Zoe xD