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Friyay mood ❤

Hello sugars! Are you ready for this lovely weekend before Easter? btw – i had no idea Easter was coming on next week, i swear, but this can only bring us more joy and will and well, a well deserved need to relax today and the weekend coming up. 

All we have to do, as it’s still the first week of this beautiful month – that only brings joy and blossom into our lives – is to enjoy the view, exhale, inhale, solve what you gotta solve, buy yourself something nice no matter how rich you are(n’t) or how productive you were(n’t) – but always try to be as productive as you can, no matter what you do, with whom or where – this way, you will live your life, truly alive, truly your way. 

One thing i bought myself today – you can also see more on my instagram account – is this lovely new choker, which i initially said i didn’t quite like, actually quite disliked it hard enough the first time i saw it. But one can change it’s mind sometimes + it was on sale! I got to be lucky or something, but i don’t know how i do, that pretty much all i buy is at a good price – maybe because i am still quite frugal and don’t actually buy that much?! Well, thank you God/ Buddha/ Allah. 👳🙏👼

Now, moving on. Also, always remember, moving on is the key. As life is pretty much as riding a bike, you have to keep moving to keep it balanced. I have a painting like that, i will show it to you next time. 😊 Until then, you know what really cheers me up, besides watching kdramas, taking long walks, going places i haven’t been at before and drinking tea (+/- other things)?¿ You’re right, haha! Coffee ☕ and a nice good big donut 🍩. This must work for you, too. I actually need this at least one-two times a week, so that my brain works on its high level, as he loooves sugar, and well, on a nice level, all our cells do!

And this, was just another sweetener for you, mon cheries! Have a lovely weekend


Xx Zoe xD

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