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2 – 1 ❤

Quick mood update: hyped with today’s match! I’m not sure if i am truly a big fan of football, but i do get excited like i would be, for sure! My fav players are Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the well known, awesome player, bosnian croatian, from Sweden, playing at Manchester United and the absolutely lovely afro haired Axel Witsel, belgian, from the french side, playing nowadays, for QT, a chinese team. Well. Today was a game between the belgian team, Anderlecht – which has some truly valuable young players and Manchester United, my all time fav team – which has Ibra, Feillani, De Gea and not only, but also great young fellows too, such as the very young soon to become legend, the one who scored today, M. Rashford, only 19… 🙂

The first match between the two great teams was last Thursday, ending equal 1-1. The belgians did a really good job, scoring in the final minutes. Today, the second game, one week after the first, in GB, and as i could’ve bet, MU did a great job, winning and moving forward to the next phase. Congrats for all the work you, sports people, manage to do and good luck! Hyped to see MU again, as Zlatan will be soon leaving too, for LA galaxy. 😦 

Have a good night, nighty night ❤🍦🍟🍺

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