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Plants and paradise ❤

Well. Hello. Sugars. 

And hello my little green babies. I heard that Aloe Vera is a great plant for your home, but cactuses seem to be thought to attract loneliness and melancholy. Well, as far as i am concerned, they are one of the greatest plants! It’s not a big deal, but a secret in the same time: sometimes, when i wet them, i tend to caress them on the spikes and nope – nothing. It actually tickles me. We are good friends, you see. I mean, if you’d go by insta page, you’d see that there is a little cute cactus following me in some pictures . . . Till then, make sure to have at least one little green pal, too. And don’t forget the caress. For plants. For animals. For humans. For humans that still are . . . Humans. Take care, xx

4 thoughts on “Plants and paradise ❤ Leave a comment

  1. yep. As i said 🙂 cactuses are our friends! no matter if you remember to water them or not, they are still there for you. Or if the cat fights them . . .haha. glad that your cat is fine!


  2. I like cacti because it does not matter if I forget to water them for a long time. I keep mine in an unused aquarium tank so my cats don’t get them! I had a cat who chewed one once! No harm was done to him luckily!


  3. My indoor plants are mostly cactus. One of them is kind enough to bloom every day, all year, every year I’ve had it. You can’t beat that. 🙂


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