4 Tips to gain more . . .

Nowadays, it’s getting harder to be positive, despite the fact that we are trying, but the society is at the opposite pole of evolution, if you’d ask me, therefore, the stress is present everywhere, not like a present but. . . 

So. Here you are 4 little baby steps for daily life . . .

  1. Listen to your fav songs in the morning and do some yoga, before leaving for work or going to school or anywhere  else.
  2. Drink your favourite tea/ coffee and try flavouring it this time to sweeten up the day!
  3. Make sure to be calm, be nice to others, make time for yourself during the day – either take a walk, watch a movie, go bargain shopping, to the art gallery, visit an old acquaintance Etc. 

And The Most Important . . . . 


  1. Odd. I will take it as a joke anyway. You shouldn’t just spread around with comments like follow back. This is wordpress honey. This is the place where people follow who they want, where people express their opinions and where we inspire and create. Not where we act stupid. So i think you are in the wrong place. I am not even going to check your blog out because i don’t think that you have anything interesting to share. You can unfollow me, as well as i do not even understand why you did follow me in 1st place as i bet that you did not read any of my posts. Have a nice weekend and try to be a better person also.


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