Commitment issues ❤

hello hello again.

Hope you are doing well sugars! Sunday is on the way

now. . .let’s move on to another touchy subject. Commitement issues. Based on relationships between lovers and human beings in general, as well.

  1. Some of us tend to choose to be less dependent and more of a solitar individual, as others choose the company of others, tending to go with the crowd rather than the flow. Which is worsr? 
  2. Correct answer: none of them. Not the need of people and affection makes us go wrong, but the way we project it on the outside. How is that?
  3. Well. At a certain period in our life, we all need affection, no matter if we choose to admit it clear and shameless, or choose to hide it inside us, until it somehow makes us over react a little. Some of us cheat. Well, you probably won’t like this, but at some point when the relationship is clearly done and the other one shows only signs that drive you pretty much insane. . .then. . . You have a little little excuse. But it would still be much better if you just say it out loud.
  4. Now. Us human beings and commitment. Such an odd combination. While some admit that they want a lovet so easily, they still show clear signs of selfish acts such as not being able to commit and/ or do what somebody else wishes to do, too. And this goes in all types of relationships.
  5. We all should just think about other from time to time, because not only the fact that you will be there for somebody else (while they might as well be there for you) can be a huge thumbs up, but also the fact that you may get something all new and nice from that relationship! Don’t just expect people to do as you please. Especially if your perspective isn’t that right for all. It’s always better to share time equally and see a smile from all the corners of the world.
  6. Hope. Dream. Wait. ❤

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