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Comic con, part 2 ❤

My favorite game of the day ❤

This one piece of asian sweetness!!! It can only be played in two, despite other games. But believe me, once you are caught in its madness, time will simply fly by.

Off topic – but that green card with a teapot was my fav . . . 😁

Now, getting back to the game. There are 7 cards, on the table, in the middle, representing each gheisha. You have to earn their appreciation, or at least of four of them. Also, the sum up of 11 points can make you a winner too, if i recall correctly. 

There are four actions and each round consists in the player using one action an forstly, taking one card out of them all, besides the first six received at The beggining of The game. 

The actions of the small four squares: 

  1. Two pairs. You have to take four of the cards in your hand and make two pairs. One will be chosen by the opposite player and one will remain on your side. The cards/ points will be arranged next to the gheisha they belong to.
  2. Three cards. You will again choose some cards, three this time, but remember firstly to take one extra card, one will be taken by the opponent , two by you and the arrangement of the cards goes the same. 
  3. One secret card. This one shall be the card you choose to put away and add its points and value at the end of the round, being somewhat of an advantage or a change of the way the points of one gheisha can make one a winner.
  4. Two cards out. You will choose two of your cards that will be taken out of the game, in other words, that won’t go to the opposite player. These won’t be added at yours later either. These can only help you make sure that some points won’t go to the other player, keeping you, hopefuly, in charge of one gheisha.

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