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Comic con, part 3 ❤

❤ my fav part . . . what i spent my money on ❤ quite more than expected, but it was surely the hype of the moment, that short lovely bliss, but i still am mega excited of the things i bought ❤

One Shaggy figure. Yes, that Shaggy from Scooby Doo. And No, i can’t believe, still can’t, that i bought myself a figurine, but i admit it. If i could be one cartoon character, i would Shaggy. I am so OBSESSED with him. Funny, great style, lovely and chill attitude, eating a lot of good food, having a great pal aka the best cartoon dog ever, having a lovely smart  girl with a crush on him, thought to smoke weed, smart but shy, oh words aren’t enough. Then. FINALLY. My first vintage comics book. Yay. So happy. I am not a big fan, as i said in my previous posts, of comics or fiction related stuff. But i watch anime sometiems and i have wanted to own a comic book since i was a kid. This was the perfect moment and the perfect place for this. Aaaand. Picture this. Me walking around, checking out the place, the nice people all around the world, the costumes, the music, the prics, the atmosphere, the board games when . . . suddenly, i walk past this big asian gather round, a table full of asian, mostly korean stuff, posterd all around, kpop music, omg, my heart LITERALLY started pounding. I have a few symphonic metal CDs, but these kpop posters were my missing half. So, here i am, all fangirling and almost into a cardio arrest. Please salute my Big Bang and EXO posters. They are so pleased to be here in my room. Oh i meant pleased to meet you. Haha. 

Well. This was pretty much it. Looking forward your impressions. Have a great week ahead, hope dream wait, always. Take care of yourself and of those around you, be good. Be the change, sugar! 

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