From May 13th, 2017

Cosy parrotday? ❤

Hello hello, Saturday, Caturday or how i like to call it lately  😁 Parrotday 🐥 Anyone enjoying Eurovision right now? I am. I thought i would watch it with my dear parrot, but he is sleeping now. Yes. With his neck like that. Funny, right? 😁 And easy. I mean … i sleep like that…

Caramel drink checked ❤

To do:  drink coffee + eat a donut to get the positive vibes for the day check emails visit my lovely neighbour help around the house finish the remaining tasks take a long walk to release stress, which i suggest you too! or maybe do some yoga if you don’t feel like going out today! AND of course – make sure to remember you, sugars, to hope dream wait, be good, original and to stay strong! take care, xx Zoe xD (: