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Cosy parrotday? ❤

Hello hello, Saturday, Caturday or how i like to call it lately  😁 Parrotday 🐥 Anyone enjoying Eurovision right now? I am. I thought i would watch it with my dear parrot, but he is sleeping now. Yes. With his neck like that. Funny, right? 😁 And easy. I mean … i sleep like that all the time. And now that i think about it … sometimes when i have nightmares, i do sleep like that. So … how about talking about some tips to get rid of them? 😏

  1. Firstly, i really think it’s important to understand that nightmares are somehow a normal thing to encounter, as long as it comes with a limit. 
  2. Secondly, how about, instead of thinking negatively about this, think about it in a positive way? 😏 How? Well. Simple. I observed, for example, that when i am looking for dreams meanings, when i can’t understand it on my own, i have seen that each dream differs from person to person, and often enough, even nightmares have a lovely meaning to your daily PRESENT life. 
  3. After understanding that these are normal and can also be actually … nice … it’s time to finally go to the next step! I think it is incredibly important to talk to somebody, perhaps to a psychiatrist or a psychologist, too. The first one, is a little more experimented, so it might be a little more helpful.
  4. If you don’t like taking medocation, or if you are already taking something (that might interfere to what you could be given) then you could also try natural products such as tea or even pills made from plants.
  5. Meditate. I may have told you this before, but meditating can really be helpful. And it can be greater if you combine it with physical exercises!
  6. Think about your happy place! What? Yes. That. Before sleep, hink about a happy place, or something you do that you like or a person that would make you happy. Anything that would help you relax and take your mind off of daily stress. Why not listen to some music too?
  7. Drink some water or a cup of tea before sleep. Avoid consuming anything too harsh for your body to acommodate with in a short time. Dress comfortably. And try some nice scents for your room!  😁😏

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