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Cinnamon and rain ❤

Hello sugars. Lately here, the weather has been moving from extremely hot to pouring rain. I don’t like complaining, especially due to the fact that i sometimes believe that Mother ature is revenging on us for our way of behaving. So, i tend to  beauty in all things. For example, rain. This and cinnamon. And a book. Com’on, Can you tell me this is isn’t the perfect combination? I guess not! What’s the weather there and how are you enjoying it? I think i might even take a long walk later and enjoy nature, maybe have another drink and meet some friends. Make sure to solve all your tasks, find time for yourself, family and friends, and maybe. . . Take a long walk too and meditate? By the way, don’t forget to check out my post about tips for getting rid of nightmares if they are giving you shivers…(cosy Parrotday)

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