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Late May, lately outfits ❤

Outfits hashtags. . . Tomboy, hippie, rock, punk and most important, comfy ❤💝 all in one. 😎

Ps#1: Get your mood some good vibes and let’s solve this week’s tasks + do our best!

ps#2: depressed ? stressed? at least let’s be well dressed!

ps#3: hope dream wait

Ps#4: (bonus one) am i the only one obsessed with ramones? 

Like seriously. . look under my lovely mug! you shod all listen to that song. I bet you also know the classic “i wanna be sedated”! ^__~ well, in a nutshell … 

  1. Listen to Ramones
  2. Check out my instagram
  3. Don’t forget to be yourself, be good and be the change!
  4. Solve all your tasks in order to have a better mood and a healthier mind
  5. Do your best in solving them, not only “just finishing” them
  6. Believe in yourself. Confidence is a key word, really. Not only does it make yourself feel better, but it also gives others around you the comfort of feeling safe
  7. Take care xx

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