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Thursday’s tip ❀

Howdy, sugars! Here’s a quick thought i wanted to share with you, guys. πŸ™‚ Nowadays, we, all, are without any doubt, the generation of mobile phones. There is no day, no hour actually, that goes by without us either calling somebody, either searching something on google (maps), or most definite, using a mobile app! So, why not, if we are so obsessed with our phones, make this seemingly ‘tragedy’, more nicer, a bit? Let’s all have at least one app on our phones that can actually improve either our culture, either help us with our hobby or else. 

Here are my top 3 πŸ™‚

  1. Foreign languages app, preferably with games. I am using one for korean, called Korean fun easy learn, or something like that. Anyway, there are thousand of apps related to foreign languages study, that are worth our time and phone memory, too!
  2. Moon phases – this one can also be found in multiple different apps and for somebody who is a fanatic of astrology, full moons, pagan stories, buddhism related holidays and all the vibes in between, this one is another worthy app!
  3. DailyArt – this is my late discovery, yet, my most favorite so far! So i thought i would leave this one at the end, to kep you at the edge of your seat – idiom that reminds me to also tell you about dictionary apps and the word of the day, which can help you enrich your mind! Anyway, going back to the app! Well, not all of you may have art as a hobby, but for somebody who pretty much wants to have . . .at least all the wordly knowledge possible, well, any app and new info is welcomed! So, clear your memory, install this app and enjoy a painting, a painter and their history, all in one, one per day! Or, if you don’t want to delete some old photos, then, lucky you. You can also find them on instagram @ dailyart_official. πŸ™‚

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