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Attention and memory ♥

Hello, sugars. ☻

Nowadays, the stress around us, whether it’s just in our mind or truly existing, cause lots of the problems we stumble upon. This “natural corruption” is merely real, if you would ask me, we just make it up and because we don’t cease to believe in it, it doesn’t cease to stop existing, therefore it becomes a part of us. 

People who lived in a peaceful environment will keep on living like that and will take anything just as it comes, because the bad in their life can’t cease to exists, as it has never existed anyway. While people who have had a trouble environment – whether when they were small –  whether it has always been like that – or perhaps there was just a one time event – are more likely to remain with that fear and disturbing feeling, of awareness, consciousness and panic throughout their life.

Have you, perhaps, noticed that it seems to be easier to keep in mind bad moments rather then blissful ones? Well, maybe it’s not this fact, as it may be the timing of how the actions in our life collided at some point. We always heard at least one time to not keep on leaning on the past, right? So what’s stopping us, then?

As the natural course of life, one thing brings another. Therefore, if you don’t observe what is troubling you in order to reduce or even eliminate it, that constant stress will bring a deeper demise. 

After a seemingly temporary stress, there comes a bigger problem, when it starts to affect your body. So, here you are just some of the possible effects on your body: 

  • stress (and even too much effort or sleep/insomnia) can cause several problems for women, regarding their PRL/ prolactin levels, going to even preventing ovulation, inhibiting the normal course of the gonads and even the possibility of tumours appearing
  • major trauma, daily stress, excessive heat or even cold can over stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and the secretion of adrenaline (by the MSR), causing you anxiety, fear and even more seriously damaging issues to the way your body functions
  • something similar to the actions of PRL, but on both sides (m&f) can be the hormones secreted by the epiphysis
  • probably some of the most common issues are those generated by the thyroid – its hypofunction can create the sensation of cold, can cause loss of hair, severe diminished ATTENTION & MEMORY problems or even loss – while the hyperfunction brings eye troubles and accentuated hormones effects

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