From June 14th, 2017

Little frog ❤

For a choker obsessed person, i tend to select – somehow – and not buy pretty much everything that i see, just because it’s a choker or because it’s the new trend. Anyway, lately i have seen that these kind of chokers are the new trend and at first, i wasn’t quite a fan of…

You are beautiful in every single way ❤

Thought.isYou shouldn’t feel bad about yourself because you haven’t become comfortable with your body yet. It’s okay to take a hundred selfies, because you don’t like the way that you looked in the first ninety-nine of them. It’s okay to avoid mirrors, because you hate what you see when you look inside. It’s okay to… via Read This If You Don’t Believe That You Are Beautiful — Thought Catalog

Wednesday wisdom – indeed ❤

Hello sugars. Middle of the week – phew when has it already arrived? Well, Tuesday is for tips and treats – actually cut the treats, those are perfect for every day, situation, second, moment of the day – and wednesday is for wisdom and wondering . . . What if? A pal of mine has…