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Just some *entertaining* movies for cosy days ♥

  1. London Town (2016) – The action takes place in the late 70’s. Focused on the classic rebel, but shy boy, who in his teenage days is introduced to The Clash – band that will pretty much change his life. ☺
  2. Come back to me (2014) – Not a cosy kind one, but not too frightening either. Just a bit disturbing and all the info will end here, I will let you find out more by yourself. Let’s just say that this could be an example of the good used well. . . not for any good anyhow. ☻
  3. Big Stan (2007) – Until hearing about it from a friend, I didn’t even know this movie existed; but after seeing it, not only did I watch it a couple of times after that – either it was on TV or with another pal, it didn’t bother me seeing this one again – anyways, not only seeing it after, but it also convinced me that it’s one of those old but gold kinds. Starring the always amazing Rob Schneider and Jackson Rathbone – which you might know from The Twilight Series, despite these were released later on. ☺
  4. The Bye Bye Man (2017) – Okay, you might definitely need to skip this, if your heart tends to be a bit overwhelmed with horror movies. Or anyhow disturbed when it comes to scary parts. This movie sums up the cliché where exactly when you think all the danger is gone and the happy end on, things take a 180-degree turn! ☻
  5. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) – After adding to the list Big Stan, I couldn’t resist but to add this one to. Just another great movie, old but gold is too less sais! I swear that every single time I see a Rob Schneider movie, I desperately wish I would see one of his stand up comedy shows live, but then the wish slightly fades away, after I watch another movie or watch him on yt or just do any activity, as usual, as long as your busy with something, your mind stops wishing for absolutely every stuff around you just because . . . ☺
  6. Knock Knock (2015) – I know some are really big fans of Keanu Reeves. He is quite impressing indeed, very impressing. So, don’t know if you knew about this one, not a horror one, but I think that even the horror phobic ones would choose scary movies over this incredibly disturbing piece. Also, I just have to add the fact that when I first saw John Wick I was so eager to see the sequel . . . well, at least until I saw it ☻
  7. A walk in the clouds (1995) – What? You thought I would only spam you with Rob Schneider just because I am a big fan? Of course not, I will make sure to spam you guys with the impressing Keanu Reeves, too. Although I bet you have already seen this magic movie perfect for every situation, moment, mood – I still felt like I needed to include it in my list. Just another old but gold piece! *Congrats and Thanks to Keanu and Rob and the team behind* ☺☺
  8. The Shining (1980) – I love old movies, so I will include some here, too. Starting with a very well known movie, starring another famous actor – Jack Nicholson. I loved the way the book by Stephen King was pictured in the movie by Stanley Kubrick and I couldn’t have thought of a better character for . . . uhm well . . . Jack ☻☻
  9. A woman is a woman (1961) – I am thinking I shall make a post about the 60’s movies – definitely my all time favorites, besides the new horror ones. This is the perfect movie if you love Godard’s artistic work and both Jean Paul Belmondo and Jean Claude Brialy! Oh, yes, Anna Karina is starring, too. ☺
  10. The house on Pine street (2015) – Remember about the previous movie when I told you about the same cliche where things turn 180-degree? Well, this is somewhat pretty monotone. I mean, if you are really bored . . . and lazy and really don’t feel like going out either . . . plus a horror fan – this shall do. ☻
  11. Mamma Mia (2008) – Okay, in this one I don’t even know what to say first! It’s one of those kinds that will bring a smile on your face and make you want to go out and conquer the world even if before watching it you felt like crap. The venue – magnificent; the plot – seriously – who had this idea? way too funny; and the actors oh my . . . From the cute Amanda Seyfried, to the one of the most amazing actresses Meryl Streep, then moving on to the male side, that hottie that never goes out of  . . . anything Pierce Brosnan and that amazing actor that makes his presence known in every single movie Colin Firth. A must see. ☺
  12. Claire’s knee (1971) – Not a 60 one, close enough. Spamming once more, this time, Jean Claude Brialy starring in this one great piece by Eric Rohmer. I’d put it as a combination between candid and lewd. ☻
  13. Amelie (2001) – The amazing Audrey Tatou that to me, seemed to act so great – that I could swear it was real. This movie will always be on my top list, definitely, forever. This will change your way of thinking, it will make you quite emotional and will bring a smile on your face through the simplicity, the good will and all the amazing visuals. This one doesn’t even need an Enjoy! – because it is impossible not to, not even if you aren’t a romance movie fanatic, trust me. ☺
  14. The Lords of Salem (2012) – If The Grudge series didn’t frighten you, the disturbing music in this one will. The Zombie’s made a great piece indeed. ☻
  15. Desideria e l’anello del drago (1995) – Back to oldies but goldies, or at least older than the 00’s, this one made it to my top list a long time ago. The soundtrack, the actors, the language – italian and french sounds so great on movies, i swear, don’t you think so too or is it just me? – + the plot and visual scene. This was my first favorite movie ever and so it shall remain. ☺

So, as it started, here it ends. Hopefully, you will enjoy my list. Another coming soon!

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  1. The first two are newer, but the third one is one of . . .well. . .the old but gold classics. The actors in it are amazing, truly! LT is awesome, especially if you are a fan of rock n roll and the second one if you like scary movies! I recommend them all! Enjoy, have a great week ahead!

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  2. Amelie and Desideria e l’anello del drago are indeed two great movies!
    I’m glad you found some new! which were you referring to?


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