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Thursday . . . Treat? ❤

GOOD MORNING SUGARS! ❤ READY FOR TODAY?!¿¡ JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS AND BAANG – weekend – relaxing moments, outdoors fun, friends, family, time for yourself aaand – time for those little unfinished tasks that stay on your mind and kind of let you know that uhm – you’re not alone? 😁

This morning before i leave, thought i would start with a quick and easy treat: some tomatoes, grilled cheese sandwich – yes i eat cheese, i am just a vegetarian, not a vegan – but anyway i use dairy quite rare, home made juice that my mom made a few days ago – and of course, drinking it with my dear new morning pal + some music. Currently listening to: Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful and below it, comes next: Epica – The Quantum Enigma – both CDs received as a gift – one of my favorite gifts ever ^__~ After that, i will do some quick yoga and then off i go. 

  • What is your way of spending the morning?

Take care, 

xD Zoe 

Hope dream wait xx

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