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Apricot fever – from the tuesday treat series ♥

♥ How to make tart ♥

• What you will need: 4 eggs, sugar, plain flour, one pinch of salt, baking powder, oil, icing sugar •


1. Separate the yolks from the albumens, on the yolks pun the pinch of salt. Mix the albumens until they get like a foam, coagulated. Then add about 2 spoons of sugar for each egg (if the eggs are pretty big tho’). Mix the content really well after that.

2. After that, add around 3-4 oil spoons, mix and start adding flour. At the first spoon, add the baking powder, too. You’ll need around 4-5 spoons of flour. Mix carefully, so the content will be smooth.

Source: Apricot fever ♥

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