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Shopping spree – what’s missing? ❤

Hello sugars. Having a great Thursday? Well, if not. . .take a throwback, remember the memories and cheer up! If yes, i am glad for you – we are on the right path! ^__~

Anyway, hope that by the end of the day all of you taking the time to read my random posts (and not only) will be able to say you had a good day. 💪☕🎧

You know that i (and of course every other living creature on this planet, finally a thing i managed to easily have in common with the rest of you) absolutely adote beverages. Especially when it comes to those lovely flavoured Starbucks drinks. Of course. This time, me and my girl Selena went out for a drink on . . . Well, a rainy day, but cheers to this, we happen to both love rain, anyway, we went out for a drink and a little shopping spree. ^__~ And, althogh i was having a blast, i felt like something was missing. Indeed. Besides the world peace, more kindness and less stress, there was something missing. Maybe . . . Lee Min Ho joining us for a coffee? Haha xx

Take care, Zoe xD

– hope dream wait –

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