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Not today ❤

Nowadays, it’s never the perfect day to say somebody how you feel. It’s never the perfect moment to do what you feel. We always fear rejection, but why don’t we just reject rejection? 

It’s not always easy to say what you really think. It’s not easy enough to just go with the flow. It’s easy enough to let the bad things hurt you, instead of fighting back with goosd vibes. It’s easier to find the bad in the good, rather than admit we are wrong, we still have to work, we need help, we need somebody.

Tell your new friends you care about them and that you wish to keep in touch, although you know each other for a short while, but feel like you have something in common.

Tell your neighbours that you like their taste in music, but that you would also like to have some real alone time, surrounded by the quiet environment, your thoughts and your need to focus on your tasks.

Tell your family you are sorry you argued, even if it isn’t your fault, make one more try and stop blaming yourself. Sometimes, things happen for no reason, in the blink of an eye, when, perhaps, even just a small bad coincidence is enough to start a fight.

Tell your boss you hate the way you are treated and that you would rather want to be shown or nicely told what to do next, rather than being made a fool of.

Tell your ex girlfriend/ boyfriend what you really felt was the reason for the break up and maybe some future greetings? or nah – speaking up in this case may be alrighty.

Tell your highschool teacher you miss those classes, not so much for the subject – as you may be following a different path anyway – but for the atmosphere and the kind words that may have made your day.

Tell your work colleagues that asking for help is one thing, stealing ideas another and acting like they did it all by themselves is – again – another thing.

Say something nice to that neighbour from the building next to yours that you always run into, but never actually met.

Help your elder relatives.

Make a (photo) collage for a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

Buy something nice for your family.

Give some food to a homeless fellow.

Try to say what you feel to that girl/ boy – friendship, love, any type of care needs to be shown one way or another, avoidance won’t leave anything behind

Tell yourself you are good enough. You are original. You are you. And you hope. And dream. And wait.

Take care, Zoe xD

♕ Say what you wanna say ♔

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