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Sunday thoughts ❤

Well, hello, sugars! 

I hope you had a blast this weekend, or at least managed to relax enough for the new week ahead. You know, blast doesn’t really need to mean going to a fancy party where everybody is dressed posh and drinking alcohol in crystal glasses with olives in it, nor doesn’t need to mean doing drugs with the clique, nor going to see the Eiffel Tower because of its fame just because everybody does it especially if you aren’t quite a french fan. Blast means seeing a movie at the cinema you have really been looking forward to see, blast means having attended a gig with some close friends and seeing one of your new favorite bands, blast means staying with almost all your family members to a bbq, talking about all your memories together and making new ones.

Stop letting others pretend to get you out of your comfort zone and putting you in a so called blast zone, when that blast zone it’s just their lonely comfort zone, if you get my point.

Also, remember that coffee isn’t just that thing we all pretend on social media we need, just to get over the world wide Blue Mondays, coffee it’s somethig we need to taste, something we need to cherrish, just like we need to do the same with life.

Most people tend to judge you if you don’t have a college degree, if you dont have children, if you aren’t married by 27 and if you don’t have a pretty face, when in fact most of them judge on those who are nicer and polite, what they usually hate about them. A wise human once said ‘it’s not your job’. Well, let me repeat that, in anothet form. It’s not your job to have a college degree just because your parents force you too, but it is your job to be educated in the most possible way you can and feel that suts you. It’s not your job to have 5 children if you can’t rise them properly. Condoms are so much cheaper than a life, but it is your job to try and addopt children if you think you can offer them what everyone deserves. It’s not your job to feel obligated to get married or to be in a couple just to please the society, if you don’t feel that you have found the person that suis you mentally, but it is your job to believe you have the right to find the eligible and compatible one for you and to try or not, whether you feel like doing so. It’s not your job to smile when you are sad, it’s not your job to shut up when somebody said something inappropiat, nor is it to say something you don’t feel like just because you are forced by some particular situation. It is your job, eventually, to express yourself however odd it would seem, as long as your way of expressing won’t be hurting some other’s state of being.

Therefore, i hope you, all, will open your eyes wide this year, and your hearts wider and be the change. ❤ i hope you managed to understand the meaning beyond this post and think more before judging too harsh. ❤ don’t forget to follow and check out my instagram @zoeandthepeanutbutter or my snap teeo.zoe  ❤ take care xx

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