From July, 2017

July is for. . .

B I R T H D A Y S  A N D  J O Y did i tell you that – oh wait, i did – well, if you read my previous post, you’d know by now that on 29th of July was my birthday! well, this lovely and warm (maybe too warm sometimes hm…

Birthdays and me ♥

Hello sugars. Quick update – yesterday was my birthday – yay or nay? Well, i never actually knew what to about these so called birthdays honestly – whether it was mine or somebody else’s – i mean, i am good at the gifting part, but haha that is all. Anyway, taking into consideration the fact…

Say hello to your personal online doc, sugars ♥

First things first. I will simply start by saying . . . well, no, by asking. DID YOU MISS ME?! Because i did miss you a little, sugars. I mean, this was a really dumb question, how could you not miss me? ♥ Luckily for me/ you, i had some posts planned ahead, so my blog posts wouldn’t be too out of date. Anyway, i wasn’t able to plan too many, so i just hoped that those were enough to make you wait for me until i came back, so HERE I AM – i know, worth the wait! ☺…

Friyay sweetener . . . ❤

. . . kind words and good vibes ❤  Respect those around you. Oh- and don’t be stubborn, trust me. Be open minded and sensitive. First things first, it’s a matter of respecting yourself too, by respecting others. It shows your principles as a good citizen and not only – says my mom.   If…

Luxembourg or not . . . ? ❤

Two years ago – i think – i visited Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). It was indeed an amazing holiday journey and i loved every bit of it – well. Almost. Anyway, you can imagine that as every other person, i had my own fav parts of each and every place i went to. From…

OREO FRAPPE and little talks ❤

It’s okay to sometimes feel like doing absolutely nothing. It’s okay to relax some days more than work. It’s okay to be grumpy from time to time, as long as you aren’t being (too) rude to somebody else. It’s okay to eat something sweet if you feel like it.even if you are on a diet.…

Vegan, chocolate and banana – 3 of my fav words ❤

Now, these cookies look very healthy, but they don’t taste it 😉 Of course there is fat and sugar in the chocolate, but the truth is there’s only a couple of specks of chocolate in each cookie, so how can that hurt really? If you’re being ever so strict you could leave the chocolate out […] via Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies: ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NO ADDED SUGAR, NO ADDED FAT — Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics

Must have essentials . . . ❤

How is Summer treating you so far? Here in Texas, it is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Protection, is the name of the game right now! In this video, I show you what products I am using and what I have fallen madly in love with. Click on the image above. I’m not a dermatologist or a […] via 5 Summer Essentials || Must Haves… — Pride in Photos

Monday – planning ahead ❤

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. I have a short planner post for you today but it does feature, not one but, two planner decorating videos! (I may have forgotten I’d recorded one and then recorded a second…). You might also notice something slightly different about my […] via Personal Planner Weekly Spreads (with videos) — Puddleside Musings

Monday – pie mood ❤

Pie. One of world’s favorite desserts, an affaire de coeur no matter where you live. Yet it only cleared on me know that I’m writing this post, that slab pies are quite under the radar over at your end in America. That needs to change! When we use the word pite (pron. pee-tech) in Hungary, […] via Sour Cherry Slab Pie —