Full moon vibes ❤

Will we transform into mermaids or not? That is the question. #cubalibrevibes

** Always Loved Full Moon Nights out, despite Being A leo . . . This One Right Here Is A cancer, so The Chances For Her To Transform Into A mermaid I think Would Be Bigger. Haha XD **

  • Did You Know That for Centuries Full Moon And New Moon, also, were Thought To Have Major Effects On Fertility, animals, human Behaviour, sleep And Any Spiritual Related Stuff?

  1. First Things First. The New Moon Is Said To Affect The Mind More Than The Full One, whill Full Moon Affects The Body. . . 
  2. Secondly, Did You Onow Researchers Calculated That A mother Holding her Child Exerts 12 Milllion Times The tide Raising Force On The Child, than The Moon Itself Does, simply By Virtue Of Being Closer?
  • Although The Belief That The Lunar Cycle Is Associated With The epileptic Seizures Or Witchcraft has Persisted Since The Middle Ages, scientists Prove Wrong. Could It Be Just an Anxiety Trigger Regarding All The Stories From The Folklore?
  • Well, and Then there Is This Conexion Related To The Moon And The Human Body Being composed Of 75% water😁

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