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Friyay sweetener . . . ❤

. . . kind words and good vibes ❤

 Respect those around you. Oh- and don’t be stubborn, trust me. Be open minded and sensitive. First things first, it’s a matter of respecting yourself too, by respecting others. It shows your principles as a good citizen and not only – says my mom.

  If some don’t respect those around them properly, then avoid and ignore people like these, also, smoothly give them a hint that they’re being not just rude, but also pathetic. How long are we going to consume over sh**ty situations?

   You control your mind. And i am sure that even you have sometimes noticed that there are moments when things like coincidences happen, well, there are those bad moments, too, when you just stand there astonished and wonder how the f did you bring that into your life? Forget about those for a second.

    You deserve stuff, too. And hopefully, eventually, somehow, each and every one will get what she/ he deserves. Speaking of . . . I’ll say this in a nutshell, so let’s make it quick. Would you rather – no not the movie, quick question – have what you deserve in a small way but have it reckoned by all, or would you rather have it in a big way but silently? Okay this may sound creepy, i just watched a creepy documentary so that is my excuse haha.

     Do you feel – or is it just me – that sometimes, oftenly, lately, mother nature looks like getting revenge on us? Well, maybe because she does . . . So why do we keep complaining and getting on her nerves? One is complaining in an objective way and other is complaining just for the sake of it. You people, you have to understand once and for all that some things are the way they are for a reason and you don’t get to have a word on it. For example, our need to be fed, did you choose it? No. It just happens. That is THE SAME with APPEARANCES. STOP JUDGING PEOPLE HARSHLY BASED ON THAT. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. EVERYONE IS. WHY don’t we judge others by something else. For example, it’s your decision if you drink just a glass or the whole bottle. The same with ATTITUDE & STYLE. So please, think more and talk less when it comes to judging and hurting. Express yourself, don’t hide behind the curtain and don’t let anxiety get you, but don’t push it in somebody else’s direction either.


       Take care, xx Zoe xD

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