Say hello to your personal online doc, sugars ♥

First things first. I will simply start by saying . . . well, no, by asking. DID YOU MISS ME?! Because i did miss you a little, sugars. I mean, this was a really dumb question, how could you not miss me? ♥

Luckily for me/ you, i had some posts planned ahead, so my blog posts wouldn’t be too out of date. Anyway, i wasn’t able to plan too many, so i just hoped that those were enough to make you wait for me until i came back, so HERE I AM – i know, worth the wait! ☺

1, 2, 3

you ready?

the reason behind my departure is about to be revealed

okay or maybe not. i know i know – i always know what and how to say it, but not this time. i don’t quite like braging, so this is pretty hard but bang bang bang here i go



all my effort proved wrong to those who didn’t believe i would,

proved to be the key to a way better confidence to me,

last but not least – made my dear parents and those surrounding me happy TO BE around me once again.

My advice now?

Open the windows. I am sending my continuously blossoming good vibes towards you, my dearest sugars!

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