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Birthdays and me ♥

Hello sugars. Quick update – yesterday was my birthday – yay or nay? Well, i never actually knew what to about these so called birthdays honestly – whether it was mine or somebody else’s – i mean, i am good at the gifting part, but haha that is all. Anyway, taking into consideration the fact that i was all over my head with the exam coming up, i didn’t even have time to think about my approaching birthday, not until there were like 4-5 more days and i was like: “Seriously? That time of the year again hahah.” But this was shortly faded by the spotlight in which was coming the “I don’t have time for this shit, i have to go over those schemes for my exam!”

Anyway, i did go out yesterday and i did get gifts too, even today – lovely, yea, but believe it or not, when i say i don’t want a gift or you don’t really have to, well, yes, i mean it.

ice coffee + Bailey’s – all time fav

I have to show you one of the best, yet, no bragging or so, but this one is pretty fancy itself, so no need for it anyway. Like . . uhm . . can you hashtag fancy and useful on this one, please? hahah xD

hand cream + shower gel + a lovely perfume

Well, now that i made another confession, here is the third one in a row! – you know me having a thing for 3, well i am starting to think that 4 and 7 should be my thing, but that goes with another story.

The third thing i wanted to talk to you about is exams, birthdays, parties and party (people), well – life, itself.

  • It doesn’t matter if parties are cool, if you don’t feel like going, the don’t. 
  • Also, it doesn’t matter if your definition for cool differs from others’, their differ from yours too, right? So what’s troubling you?
  • It doesn’t make a difference if you fail and exam, as long as you will try again and not give up.
  • Also, your birthday is about you, not about others, so do what and how you feel you should.
  • Insist on keeping that smile on your face – party or not party.
  • Also, not everyone – maybe less than even 10% – will support you, but the final results will be more worthy, even so.
  • In life, you win, if you do what you do with your heart open, your eyes opened even wider, your principles invincible and with the right ones beside you.

May the first week of August bring you the happiness i feel, too, maybe even more. And all the wise thoughts and the will to do good and to help others. Smile. Hope. Work. Dream. Help. Wait. Understand. ♥

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