July is for. . .

B I R T H D A Y S  A N D  J O Y

did i tell you that – oh wait, i did – well, if you read my previous post, you’d know by now that on 29th of July was my birthday! well, this lovely and warm (maybe too warm sometimes hm dunno) month is definitely one for leo power 💪🐯♌ (although i am quite odd if you’d compare me to what a characteristic leo should be) ANYWAY! SHORTLY AFTER ME, more specifically on 30th, it’s my dearest uncle birthday – a very calm and     cheerful man, totally in love with fishing and preparing salads! (well, salads are a duo in my fam, cuz my masterchef mom loves this part too!) Well. SHORTLY AFTER HIM, comes my dad’s birthday – which would beee . . . .TODAY?! 🎉🎊 Therefore, not only wishing another sugarful happy birthday to the trio, but to anybody. As well as an awesome august coming ahead. 

  • Ps 1 # thanks dad for being here and for being so overly Excitable, super friendly – maybe too much a little, although i hope that the part where you get annoyed super quick will disapper in time.
  • Ps 2 # i am glad i got to hang out with my folks today, two cities, one car, three beverages! 
  • Ps 4 # i got a new bagpack, next post, stay tuned
  • Ps 5 # be positive, you will and you can do pretty much everything and always keep in mind that you can always ask your qs on here
  • Ps 6 # @zoeandthepeanutbutter on insta or teeo.zoe @ snap!
  • hope dream wait !!!


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