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Can you see us? ♥

Hello sugars! Can you spot the movie/ series this line belongs to?

Tip: The word ‘ghost’ is in the title and it is related to mediums, earthbound, spirituality etc.

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Anyhow, i just made a quick word game. I’m not going to talk about series {oops another hint}, although i am 100% recommending this show. The thing i DO want to talk to you about is the way i see you and you see me and we see each other and others and how others see you and us . . . in a nutshell, about perspective. DISTORTED or . . . not?! Well, before getting to the point, friendly reminder: stay close to anything that makes you glad you’re alive. 

  • Are we taught how to love ourselves?
So many years of education. So many places. SO many people. Yet, too less love – or not at all – not for others, not for them themselves. And this is such a shame! So many – TOO many *humans* in this world do things just for the sake of doing them. Yet, when it comes to taking from others and giving back only the bad, everybody seems to be so good at it – almost perfect – so perfect it hurts. Why is that? How did the society get here? 
  • Can we really see/ make it right?
Depression is either underestimated in cases where it can do a damage bigger than expected;
either isolated in ways that shouldn’t;
either overestimated in cases it maybe shouldn’t;
either not even taken into consideration. 
  1. Depression does exist. Well, when i will learn it in college {soon, so soon my sugars ♥} I will make sure I will share the info with you, until then . . . let’s take it as a mood, a little more complicated mood. Nowadays. Back in our grand grandparents days, this wasn’t anymore complicated then other stuff. Why? Because it wasn’t real? Because it didn’t exist? Because it wasn’t so soon encountered? Because people were keeping it as a secret? But who can really know the answer? The answer I do know is that nowadays this is a thing. And it’s ruining lives that shouldn’t be ruined. While others are safe and sound without any reason . . . others are harmed without any reason. So many questions. Fewer answers. Almost {seemingly} nonexistent reasons.
  2. I bet you have seen how insecure {real insecure hun – get over yourself} people have been treated a little too harsh, maybe isolated, maybe mocked, maybe just shown indifference or ignorance towards them. I don’t know although, how many people wondered about the reason behind this. It’s true that negative people, pessimistic ones, sad ones, insecure ones etc. tend to somehow ruin your feng shui – indeed. But think about the empathetic ones. Then, there are those energy vampires – pretty much those negative too – that have this natural talent of sucking up aaaall your energy, good vibe and positivity. Also, make sure you DO GET THE DIFFERENCE, see I mentioned negative and pessimistic people altogether. And that is because negative people tend to share, kindly, their bad thoughts, in order to pretty much make sure that if they can’t/ don’t want to do something, those surrounding them won’t either. While pessimistic ones, they keep their negativity to themselves – so please, may you be the one that will gently and kindly show them the way out?
  3. As in all cases, there is a good, a bad, a fake and a real face of everything and of everyone. Thus, while some struggle with depression and its consequences on everything from social life to small things or sooner or later big ones, there are those, too, who seem to be depressed, when in fact, they are just . . . seeking for attention maybe? It’s hard to make the difference. When somebody is shy and clumsy due to depression and he/ she makes you think that they may just be stupid or ignorant and then there is another one who has cuts or scrapes but in fact, nothing else. Well, those who seem clumsy – not all of them – those who seem stupid or sad or a little angry or anyhow – not in the right mood, those aren’t necessary people who are actually bad or silly. Just give them a chance or if you aren’t in the mood either, just make sure not too hurt their feelings. Unless something/ someone hurts you, why do that first? Back in my country, there is an old saying, something like this: The one that you won’t let alone to die, that one shall kill you. More or less said, if you are trying too hard to save somebody that shouldn’t be saved/ rescued/ set free/ forgiven, that one will cause you a great harm. Therefore, nowadays, people have taken this to an extreme point, where the saying would go more like: Kill in order not to be killed. Or more like, why not take advantage of others for your own good, without any care, any thank you, and just ruin others to make sure you stay on top?
  4. Last but not least, there are people who refuse to believe depression exists and strongly believe that others are just making others’ lives harder or just trying to find excuses. Yes, there are people who do that. We all need excuses sometimes. Some just use more. Some less. Some lie. Some just mess things up. So, don’t you mess things up, too.
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Now, just a couple of questions for the ending. 🙂

Is beauty something to be praised for?

Isn’t it given by that supreme force?

How is it possible for you to choose the way your health will be when your are born or the way your eyes will look?

Isn’t sadness something you should try to eliminate and help others too, not make harder?

Is temptation something that should be resisted or engaged to?

Your consciousness is awaken, real or just an excuse to keep you from doing things?

Is sin really a sin or it’s something that in fact should be done in order to seize your inner self from an unavoidable death?

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the series the line {can you see us} comes from: ghost whisperer 
year: 2005 - 2010
starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt


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