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Friday Film Fun ♥

If yesterday i was playing a word game in order to open up to a touchy often encountered matter, today i will actually go straight to recommending a lovely classic!

If there are some amongst you, sugars, that are familiar to old classics, then you must’ve heard of Godard, la nouvelle vague or Anna Karina.

If you haven’t heard, then, it’s about time! I am in love with horror movies and old ones. The 60’s are by far my most fav time period of them all. {So, beside A woman is a woman, A bout de souffle let’s see what i can recommend you now}

Today’s lovely classic film will be Bande A Part! Godard’s style, starring his wife and muse, Anna Karina alongside Sami Frey and Claude Brasseur.
Year: 1968
Based on Fools’ Gold by Dolores Hitchens, a mystery novelist.
It tells the story of Odile – Anna Karina, a naive young woman, Franz and Arthur, who wanted the money a man was hiding in Odile’s aunt’s mansion. In a nutshell. Franz is played by the lovely and talented actor, Sami Frey, while Arthur – the insensitive don juan, who was living in a poor home with his uncle, is portrayed by Claude Brasseur.
I wouldn’t know if i’m ought to put this great piece in the comedy section or the drama one – you’ll see why – but i’m 100% sure that its beautiful ending can easily be part of the romance genre. All in all, I won’t add anymore words to this, as i am sure I will end up being a spoiler and that is indeed awful – happened to me twice, the feeling when reading/ seeing the book/ movie wasn’t the same. Therefore, i hope you will love it just as much as i did! Enjoy 🙂

More cinema-fanatic hints for you, sugars . . . 

  1. one amazing duo – Jean Paul Belmondo and Jean Claude Brialy ♥ in A woman is a woman 1961
  2. Jean Claude Brialy in Le genou de Claire or Claire’s knee 1970
  3. Jean Paul Belmondo in Breathless or A bout de souffle 1960
  4. Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire in Funny face 1957
  5. the lovely Audrey again and another great one! – Cary Grant in Charade 1963
  6. Gregory Peck and a beautiful romantic piece that suited him kindly – Roman Holiday 1953
  7. the prodigious talented Peter O’toole and the How to steal a million 66’s classic
  8. an italian classic – Matrimonio all’italiana 1964
  9. Gene Kelly and the lovely musical – Singin’ in the rain 1952
  10. Last but not least, the all time great piece – Breakfast at Tiffany’s – and on this one i will recommend you both the book and the movie, with all my heart! 🙂

On my list . . . 

  1. Crime on a summer morning 1965 {starring Jean Paul Belmondo}
  2. Purple Noon 1960 {starring Alain Delon}
  3. La piscine 1969 {starring Alain Delon, again}
  4. Pierrot, le fou 1965 {starring Jean Paul Belmondo}
  5. Manon 70 1968 {starring Jean Claude Brialy and Sami Frey, double yay}
  6. Bus Stop 1956 {starring Marilyn Monroe}

I hope you will watch at least a few of these amazing piece and make sure to let me know your opinion on them and on the post! Don’t forget to click the follow button, if you haven’t already, check out my instagram {zoeandthepeanutbutter}, leave a comment and well, until next time when i will be back from the seaside, make sure to see my other posts! May all the good vibes I’m sending reach you, have a pleasant weekend my sugars! 

Take care, be you, be good, be original, be confident and . . . HOPE DREAM WAIT ☺ . . . ♥

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