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random thought of the day ❤

HI sugars. AGAIN. . .?!¿¡


so, i got a funny snap from an old pal of mine and then i thought i would snap back. THEN, as i was on the road, found myself sth to do, meaning: changing the emoji that appear to my friends on snap!

DID you know that thercis an emoji for your best friend? ALSO, for your best friend for more than one month or for group chat?

AND, i was thinkig that it would be fun to have some new emojis, like for example, whatsapp has quite a few more emojis – especially on the food section haha. WE need a mermaid emoji!! and text emoji like cute or SMILE or meh – i use this a lot if i don’t really feel like saying something haha. A pal of mine uses that too, so we re meh pals, therefore we definitely need that meh emoji!

OR – wouldn’t it be cool for all of us to have a chance to personalize our own emoji? ANYWAY, to those who created these, in the firt place and to those who updated them, congrats and thank you – sincerely, pretty much the whole world generation.

IMAGINE a world without that laughing emoji. . . WELL, literally. TECHNOLOGY should be used so much less, but that laugh emoji does make things better haha.

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