SATURDAY – self 시간 (sigan=time) ❤

hello sugars ❤ how are you handling the daily mess and the heat nowadays?

– around here quite many people had some issues with the high temperatures, from what i have seen, many ambulances, too many, swear i have never ever seen that many – anyway, if it’s not the heat, they will sure find something else bad so. . . –

LET’S leave the bad alone and focus on the good, positive, enjoyable stuff! SHALL we? 🔃✔💯

what were your vacation destinations so far? COUNTRYSIDE? SEAESIDE? MOUNTAIN? perhaps. . . SOME foreign exotic destination? :> well, even i it was your own place with your person, some beverages and snacks and a good relaxing movie – whatever it was – i hope you did find the time to relax and charge yourself up with some more positive vibes! BECAUSE that is what life is about, more or less, living and enjoying = somehow the same.

THUS leave the worries behind and go ahead, towards love, inner peace and harmony. SUMMER is still on. GIDDY up. NOW, time for tips. HOPE these might help!

♕ Say what you wanna say ♔

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