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Rent-a-friend? Whut?! ♥

Hello sugars. Today I will take into consideration another somewhat taboo subject, based on the same theme as well, pretty much always – relationships between people, people, society nowadays and well – life related things – in a nutshell.

THUS back to the title: JAPAN SAY WHUT?! 

Yes, you did read well, sugars. Renting a friend is seemingly the new it! The new trend amongst japan fellows, well, a trend seemingly – to us – because this apparently happens there for a while now. 🙂 Either wonderland or wasteland – nobody really wants to be lonely – at least not always. 

 Sometimes, it’s true that friendships can prove to be a disappointment at last, so, is it not worth the effort? Well, whether you think it is or not, here is the solution. 🙂

Rika Kamaya, a psychiatrist in Japan, says that some of her clients are students admitting the fact that they feel alone even in the middle of a crowd – thing which if you think enough about, seems somehow explainable, as if you feel lonely already, being in a crowd can amplify the sensation due to the fact of being surrounded by so many strangers. So, as the phenomen seems to be increasing, this is an idea that might last and evolve considerably.

For around 2000-3000 yens [including the transport], you have your personal “friend”!

Is it lack of confidence? Is it a way too judgemental society? Is it the guilt or perhaps the irresponsible behavior?

♕ Say what you wanna say ♔

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