TUESDAY, treats, treatments and thoughts ❤

hello sugars.

HOPE everything is alright and that the weekend chillax vibe has almost reached you. 🙂 this thursday morning i felt a little too lazy, like over lazy, not my best productive week so far! BUT the weather is great, the coffee i received yesterday (yay and thanks) is more than a DREAM and well, rn (right now) i am WAITing to hear how are you doing 🙂 i will be leaving in a few, but first i needed to post something, as much as i can until uni starts and well, i don’t know how much i will be able to post afterwards. ALTHOUGH, i still feel that i haven’t done my best with this blog, but i hope that i managed to share some good vibes with the few of you and hopefully you will hit that follow button and maybe. . . THE share one and let your pals know about it? HAHA xD

  • now, quick thursday thought/ question: 1) have you heard that nasa will launch a probe with a very safe shield next year, on JULY 31st? same day as my dad’s birthday! wish it was on 29, so it was mine but hey! can’t wait anyway for the exciting news about the process!
  • 2) DO you think that it’s just a coincidence or that it’s nature’s/ god’s anger towards the entire planet somehow, reffering to the flood in UTTAR PRADESH, a flood thought to be the cause not of a rainfall, but of the excess water from NEPAL’S rivers?
  • 2,5) SPEAKING of NEPAL, i am glad to let you know that another intolerant “tradition” has been banned and hopefully even people from rural zones will be wie enough to stop it and understand the risks fact that this is unnecessary evil! CHHAUPADI – a tradition that goes towards women and girls at menstruation who are forced to leave in some so called “menstruation huts” similar to animal stables where they could even freeze or get infected.
  • 3) last but not least. HERE is a song from one of my fav bands at the moment. NOT metal this time, but korean – but you already knew i love both so. . . ON this one i won’t actually say anything, but just ask you to listen and read the lyrics carefully and well . . . reflect on that. ^_~ HAVE a pleasant day, sugar!


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