Nibble, scrutiny, coterie ♥

  1. nibble take small bites out of.
  2. scrutiny critical observation or examination.
  3. coterie a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.

Have you ever wondered what EXACTLY makes us so different? Why some are talented at playing the violin while some are very good at maths? Or why some are scared of dogs while others are good dog trainers? And why can’t some of us eat gluten products and others are allergic to strawberries?

OH! And did you actually know that while we sleep we eat around 10 spiders and on average 70 different insects? Yummy! Isn’t it? Also, apparently we can’t snore and dream at the same time . . . Fact that really makes me laugh when i think about how much some of my friends can snore! 🙂

AND well . . . a quick last thing i would like to add, maybe you already knew this. Our births are incredibly important when it comes to a big part of our life. Apparently, there are 3 steps before we actually start LIVING. One would be those full 9 months spent inside our mom’s tummy, then the labor and then the way we are given birth to. I actually found out that these, although we don’t even remember any of them as we can’t tho’, have a huge impact on our whole life. SO. Was your mom’s pregnancy a quiet one? Was the labor easy? Was it a normal birth or was it a c section? So many questions. So little answers. What is the big question of our lives tho’? What is yours?

Stay positive x Stay good x Stay original x Stay strong

hope dream wait xD

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