OWLAYS have fun ❤

HELLO sugars.

SO, a friend of mine has been to GREECE. APPARENTLY, this country was the new it when it came to vacation destinations this summer. LOOKING forward to visiting it soon, too. DON’T really know when that soon will be, but hey, until then i will hope dream wait patiently. 😉

AND knowing how much i love owls – amongst others – bought me this lovely GREECE owl themed fridge magnet. ISN’T it absolutely lovely? MY fridge is so fancy and all dressed up, like more than i ever was when went to a party i swear, haha!

ON the other hand, this sat’ thought i would chill a little, as for some reasons i still can’t really have a good night sleep and seem to be anyway quite energetic despite feeling tired – thank god, hope this will last and i won’t crush soon – and well, watched a good horror movie, ANNABELLE 2 – yay. AND also made a new coffee recipe with some new things and the taste was like expected – delish. AND the smell – oh my, puts me to an instant relax mood.

and now for more cheering sat’ smile, here you are this meme that i found when exploring on insta!

didn’T help but send it to almost all my acquaintances and of course, post it on here you guys! enjoy! AND have a lovely weekend ahead.

REMEMBER to hope dream wait, be good, be you and be confident. ❤✌💎🍀

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