RECIPE now ❤

GOOD morning sugars. IN my previous post i told you about the chocolate sprinkled tasty cake i recently made, so now it is also time for the recipe.

SOME of you may have heard of it, but definitely all of you heard about dr. OETKER. SO, this cake is actually the mole hill cake from dr. OETKER, but i somehow changed the ingredients a lil bit. I never go by the book or the rules, improvising (just a little) can’t make no damage, but give another perspective of the thing. SO let’s go! ^__~

first things first. YOU should know that there are more than just one type, so when you go buy the box, make sure to pick the one you want (if the shop has more ofc, they may be out of them and then you’ll have a surprise and get a random one). I chose the one with apricots.

IN the box you will find:

  1. the powder for the cream
  2. chocolate flakes
  3. the powder for the dough

beside those, you will have to add some more, it’s not over yet haha

  1. 2 eggs – as written on the box, but you can add one extra depending on how big they are
  2. 250 ml milk for the cream and ~ 30-40 for the dough
  3. YOGURT for the cream (simple or flavored)
  4. butter or margarine ~ 50-100g
  5. APRICOT compote but you can as well, use jam – and yes the taste will be amazing, trust me

now, in a big bowl put the dough powder, the melted butter, the eggs and the milk. MIX them for ~ 5 minutes to get sth like a good paste. now, take a round SPRING (form) tray, add the oil, baking paper or just flour and put the mixing paste you got in the tray, then in the oven at a medium T°, ~ 180C ~360F oven preheated. leave it for ~30 -40 minutes.

after the dough is done, leave it for cooling for about ~15 -20 and then start scraping the top of it to make a hole in it. THE crumbs must be kept on another plate for the final round!

in the hole now, you have to put the apricots (from the compote or jam) and if you used compote, keep the juice from it to use it as a syrup for the dough. AFTER putting these, then it is time for the cream.

in a bowl, add the cream powder, the remaining 250 ml of milk and the yogurt and mix these as well for a few minutes. AFTER finishing the cream too, put it on top of the dough and the apricots and make it look like a molehill CAKE! ADD THE CRUMBS. aaand sprinkle some of that chocolate flakes too.

Leave it in the fridge for ~ 2 – 3 hours and then . . . ENJOY! BoN aPpEtIt SuGaR ^__~ @zoeandthepeanutbutter (insta) teeo.zoe (snap)

take care, be good, be you


hope, dream, wait


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