SEPTEMBER first, friday funday ❤

hello sugars. today’s BEEN quite a busy&lovely day, but i don’t now why, rn, i am feeling quite awful tho’. MAYBE it’s just the fact that i am tired or maybethe weather, although i don’t quite blame the weather for stuff usually.

Things i did today . . .

  • PIERCED my ear again
  • HANGED out with a dear friend
  • TRIED waffles at the the new lovely spot in town
  • RECEIVED my order, so happy with the coconut & oat vegan snack i got!
  • GIVEN my neighbours some cake – like STEVE AOKI would nornally say . . . . “caked”, they’ve beeb “caked” :))
  • READ a little, too little in fact
  • DRUNK an amazing frappe, oh man i love these
  • SEARCHED for a new laptop – another post coming up soon!

so, rn i can’t actually wait to fall asleep and get over with this dizzy mood and ear pain, which is supportable anyhow.

SO. . . LET’S take a look at my latest insta activity, at today’s and alsooo see my order & recommendations. ENJOY!

MY coca cola cherry lip smacker which smells incredibly good and hopefully has an effect as food as the smell. MY neighbour bought one identical haha. WELL, for somebody who has a really sensitive skin, caring and hydrating are a must especially the wind will make his presence felt again. CHEERS to autumn, sugars!

my 500ml nettle bio shampoo which also came at a very good price yay

THIS is literally one of the best products for sensitive skin. LA roche posay – this is what i recommned you all. FORGET about the slightly big price, it is worthy. INDEED.

AND last but not least. MY AMAZING GIANT COCONUT BAAAR. YOU can be sure that after finishing the post, although it is midnight now, i will damn right eat that thing.

AND now a quick view on today’s bliss

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