MOLY monday ❤

hello sugars. IT s a new dawn, it s a new day. BLA bla blah. THE thing is to start fabulous, glorious, happy, positive and confident! SO, as i was taking a lovely walk today with my sister-pal-awesome gal out and about, we went a little for a drink, a sweet vegan treat for me and well. . .shopping a little.

I knew about the sephora collection from south korea for a while and didn’t have found something yet, well until today when i made up my mind for this tony moly lipstick. PLUS, i also got a cleansing cream sample for eyes as a gift. YAY!

remember to treat yourself once in a while, be careful with what you eat and with the way you let others’ energy affect yourself. IF you’re on a diet, make sure to have a cheat day once in a while in order to:

  1. make sure you will enjoy junk food or not so healthy snacks once in a while
  2. teach your body to get familiar with eating chaotic too
  3. make yourself cofortable with the eating habbit you have but in the same time not get bored with only eating strictly someway just to stay fit. 🍷🍕🍱🍣🍳🍰🍪

ALSO if you hate crowded places, well, this one doesn’t really have any solutions what so ever. BUT you can always do these:

  1. try doing your tasks before the crowded hour strikes again, you know – that time of the day
  2. talking to a therapist
  3. you can anytime go with an acquaintance in the same time, so it would be something like 2 in 1, but seriously now. BEING dependent is rather worse than independent by choice or need.

music and earphones, walking and nature’s fresh air – if the road you have to take isn’t long enough to require crowded buses or expensive taxis – there is always a plan C, in case A and B were already reserved haha – this is just another side of positive thinking sugars. funny jokes are always welcomed. now, let’s take it on the other hand. public transportation is always a good place to sometimes run into truly awesome people and taxi drivers can prove to be excellent discussion partners.

OKAY so summer vacay has passed and now autumn vibes are getting comfy already. chilling or not chilling – because let’s admit that although we say we are going on holiday, all those activities suck the life out of us and though they replace it with more good vibes, the jet lag, the tired feet and the sore throat are still there at the beginning of september. and what do these call out for? MORE smoothie recipes! ingredients i use oftenly . . . :

  • all kinds of fruits
  • MILK
  • water
  • long live peanut butter
  • SOMETIMES even vegetables such as carrots or tomatoes 🍅🍅
  • jam maybe
  • ice cubes (optional) too
  • cinnamon (optional), only if you want to spice it up a little

well in a nutshell this was today’s post sugars. hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed writing it. take care and have fun. be good. 굿굿. be you.

BYEE 안녕 하세요.

Zoe xD

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