WEEKEND vibes ♥

HELLO sugars. THERE are so many things on my mind right now, so much i would love to share with you, but there is so little time and lots to do. Thought that after this crazy year and summer i will get the last week of september, though, and make some proper posts about . . . .each and every single thing.

ALSO wondering about the latin quote above? WELL, as always. I had a friendly reminder for you. AND that means take care of yourself. YOU know, of course you do, that if you don’t, nobody else will. NO matter how it seems. AND we have to take care of ourselves first properly in order to be able to really take good care of others, too.

NOW i will go and have a coffee. THE weather has improved since yesterday, a lot. DON’T forget to:

  • CHECK out my insta @zoeandthepeanutbutter

    send me fun snaps at teeo.zoe

  • BE you. ALWAYS be you. AND be good. BE good at being you.
  • BE original and be fearless
  • AND if you happen to fear, remember to be stron and brave and remember that being brave is about chaneling that fear not stopping, nor deleting it

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