halloween preps ♥

my fav holiday is just a few steps away! and like every year, i am always in need of halloween stuff! this year, so far, i bought these lovely lights – christmas ones are too mainstream haha – i will post a pic soon with them on and the all hallow’s eve atmosphere too ^_~

ALSO, bought myself a lovely pumpkin black shirt, which i accidentally saw and definitely fell in love with on my way to . . . IT movie haha – things seem to fit in somehow, don’t they?

  • a lovely candle support with a nice wooden leaf on it. 🙂

REALLY looking forward to this HALLOWEEN especially since i will be celebrating it in another town with new people, hope it will be fun!

hope you will have a lovely halloween too, or, just an amazing 31st day, if you aren’t celebrating it. MAKE sure to have a good productive october and always evolve in a way combortable for you. YOU matter, too. 🙂

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