Reborn ♥

Howdy, sugars! A new week is about to begin. Feeling any changes with your spirit lately? – as autumn has oficially made its long waited appearance –

Speaking of which – i think that this, to quote Sia (you quess the song), it is a perfect time to be young and reborn. And to make myself clear – by young in this case i do not make any refference to age, but in spite of it, to our souls. A friend of mine (therapist, in fact) told me these wise words: ”If you deny yourself and your needs, if you are making the opposite of what you feel, just because others make you feel like that would be right, or simply for the sake of others, your soul will eventually get hurt and from there, everything will go down and so will you. Do not, under any circumstances, deny yourself and your spirit, nor your needs. If people feel like judging, they will do so anyway, so you would better do as you feel, so at the end of the day, at least you and those surrounding yourself will be happy. Do what you feel. As you feel. As long as – as i also always tell you – your actions are alright, not affecting others, in any way – in any bad way, of course.” 
Imagini pentru dividers

Sometimes, trust me, the best thing to do, is to just take a day off, a day just for yourself. Go somewhere. Take long walks. Or just stay in your cozy place, watch something nice, treat yourself – order something you love or something you always wanted to eat. Leave the town. Get a tattoo. Go see a movie. Go to the art gallery. Drink your fav chai. Buy yourself something nice and expensive. Suddenly greet an old acquaintance. Read a book. Bake a cake. Visit some relatives. Take a bubble bath. Just breathe. 

You can do whatever you wish to, as long as you truly want it and you put your mind and heart into it. You do not need nobody. You just need to trust yourself. Heal yourself. Give yourself the chance to be reborn. To shine. To be strong. To be on your own and your own savior and master. You need to free yourself. If you want to free others. ♥

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