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FRIDAY mood ♥

Well, don’t know if this is enough to make friday lovelier than it already usually is, but it was enough for me! i was actually wondering quite often lately when it would be a proper time to start wearing this hun again. ESPECIALLY sincer i received another lovely one as a gift recently. ANYWAY – guess what . . . IT’S time to move. This is a quite well, big of a deal somewhat i guess. FOR pretty much anyone. YOU lose track of time, you buy things you may not need, you forget some, you get super hungry, you stay that way until you finish packing. THEN you feel sleepy so you go to sleep, wake up later, start eating like a little pig because you have been so hungry, then sleep again, wake up, finish what you had to do, maybe put in some extra things just in case, wel thought. THEN you stop for a drink. MAYBE go out with pals if you are still in the mood. THEN at the end of all this process you end up finding out there is indeed something you may have left out of the equation after all. . . BUT guess what! it is perfectly fine. SO. STAY chill. TAKE a long walk by yourself. SLEEP more. EAT what you love. SURROUND yourself with lovely people. and check that to do and to buy and to pack list twice. so far my things were all on point. SO far. . . . DO not forget the tissues. THE cleaning producta. MAYBE some food that is perf for every weather – not getting all melted away or getting a bad taste or so on. TAKE some hydrating lotion. A book. A blender? – YES MORE SMOOTHIES ARE ON THE WAY, just let me get settled. SHOES, clothes, food, cosmetics . . . A broom. AND dust cleaners. NECESSARILY that! your headphones. A laptop. CHARGER!!!! PENCIL and some post sticks. JAM? PEANUT butter? CHECKED! canned foods. sauces. SPAGHETTI. pasta, any type. THIS can go for a year long and has an amazing taste also. IF you do it right. MY mom s sauce is perf fyi. MORE tissues. AND. . . .

to be continued.

HAVE a pleasant weekend, sugars. ^_^



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