This premieres and also. . my college is about to start – should y check out these two in the future? ☺ ♥

As I am about to start college (medical student) soon, well, this premiere was suitable for my news, i guess. I am packing up, eating all i can, staying with my folks, i am extra tired, but still, not really in the mood for sleep either. Actually, i am more in the mood for a liquor based drink. Or coffee. Or both combined. Yes. That was a terribly great idea. Oops. Just figured out i forgot to put something in my bag. Be RiGhT bAcK. ^_^

As a 22 year old who has grown up in America, I get incredibly shocking reactions after having to admit I’ve never seen a single episode of this critically-acclaimed television series. Sure, I know its a super dramatic, very personal, story-driven hospital show that follows the life of this woman Meredith Grey; but what about […]

via Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14 Premiere (2017) – Should You Watch It? — Stephen Diagram

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