Monday Morning Moccacino ♥

Hello sugars ♥ ☺ Long time no talk 😦 Things are crazy around here. I am craving for sleep so much haha, but every time i do get some free time to just sleep, of course – that is the last thing i do! Congrats, Zoe. haha.

Well, you KNOW ME, i love being busy. i always say that is better to be super busy and get tired and all worked out – if, of course, the most important thing, you love what you do, or enjoy it at the very least – rather than just hang around, get bored and tired eventually.

I went volunteering yesterday and it really brought me a good mood! Hope this mood will remain through today too and also, hope i will get enough time to study properly at anatomy . . . Also, i am super excited because i have to do a research for psychology. Well, come on, it is time for us to enjoy everyday, feel secure, confident, act smart, listen to good comforting music, eat good food – my mom brought me some amazing foods – she is a wonderful cook and her food is more than delicious.

Right now i am just enjoying my moccacino coffee cup, mom brought me some on her way. and eating some of her cookies. later on i will eat some sushi i bought the other day. and well, study. and then go out. what are your plans for today? Ready to face the world sugars? ^_^

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