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Hello sugars. I am so tired. But i love being busy. Hope you do, too. Right now i am studying at anatomy and working on a research about cannabis. You know that it was considered that it would not make you dependent, but with the new DSM, the fifth edition, here comes the proof that it does make people dependent. Its withdrawal is less severe than the alcohol one.

The peak is in one week, lasting from one to two weeks. And the withdrawal symptoms become obvious in one to two days since stopping the consumption. Also, Uruguay was the first country ever to legalize marijuana completely.

Despite the fact that consumed illegally and despite the abuses made, marijuana is still a great medicine for treating different diseases. Maybe this is why the first one to have ever used it is thought to be the emperor of China in 2737 before Chist to treat his gout and rheumatism.

Well, i will go to sleep now. Still have not finished all the work. But i have managed to do a little of everything so i am glad to finally go to sleep now and wake up rested. I suggest you do the same. Take care xx Zoe

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