Busy as a bee ♥

Hello sugars. I have so many photos for you. Sooo much to post but so little time. i love being busy, but i hope that this weekend i will be able to catch up on studying and most important – on sleeping. i need sleep so much. still, when i am in bed i either talk on the phone and answer calls and messages i received through the day and chat with my family and talk for hours – literally – with my bestie on the phone – which is currently in another city – pretty far – anyway. last weekend i volunteered. this one kind of – again. i finally got a spot free for the basic life support course and i was so damn happy. i got my certificate and had an amazing day. met up with a pal of mine, went shopping with one of my girls and right now i am on the phone with my bestie. earlier on i finally got home after two days  – haha yes –  and managed to eat like . . . a pig? – good luck in dressing up tomorrow though – and managed to do some cleaning around. later on i will listen to some music watch maybe something interesting related to criminalistics and stuff and then go to sleep. yeees. have a beautiful weekend. love you. take care. stay busy. stay true to you. help others. and well  . . .  have fun.

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