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Sunday Funday Thoughts ♥

☺ Hello sugars! Felt in the mood for writing a bit!

☻ First of all, I hope your weekend was productive in all the ways you wished it to be, no matter if you wanted it to be productive for work, or a quick beautiful journey or any other activity. This weekend I wanted to read a little and see some of my folks! Managed to see everyone, so happy! Ate wonderful foods, my mom even baked an incredible pie and i tried a new recipe for coffee, with a bit of coconut flakes in it! And of course, sprinkles on top, how else? ♥

☺ Ok, all positive vibes, as always. But you know, there has to be some kind of balance, as yin and yang, so, of course i have also heard some bad news, too. Well, i shall not talk about this particular subject, but instead talk about the attitude. Confidence, positivity, will, hope, patience and hard work, no faking, no dodging, no illusions. This is in some kind of a nutshell, the key. Why would you want to succeed, anyway, without hard working? Well, this is the easy part, even if the word „hard„ has made his presence welcomed in.. The real HARD part comes with the patience, that long wait and the confidence. No, not singsong kind of waiting. But the kind where you just do your best, with every titbit, willy nilly, no humdrum days allowed. No time for hurly burly claptraps or bible bable. The society can be some kind of hanky panky and rickety rackety, you know . . . tricky and unsteady. Well, you shall be that hotsy totsy cool change then, So, make your move!

☻ If you believe in destiny or not, that is definitely something i may not be able to tell. But i bet you have experienced on yourself that if something is ought to happen then it will, for sure! So, again, the only thing that differs is your attitude! Easy to say, hard to do, but it is – indeed – time for you to leave that anxiety and fear behind. If something will be bad, if it will be good, the smile and positivity you will project will only make it better. On both sides. So, make sure to hope dream wait on your way to success. You can and you WILL do it. So, just do it.

☺ Have a great week ahead, sugar!

I am out xx

Take care,

Zoe xD

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