SUnday fundAY ❤

Hello, sugars. HOPE you had enough time this weekend to relax and spend with your loved ones. TODAY my folks come to visit me and brought me lots of goodies. MOM made a super tasty cake and they also brought me a fruit mix. YOU know, raisins, nuts, cranberries etc. RIGHT now i will go on and catch up on studying and enjoy this fruit mix and a cup of hot coffee from this new coffee type they brought. IT was so pleasant to sit and chit chat with them for long long hours on the balcony. THE weather is great, there was a slow breeze and the sun shining upon us and we had our hot chocolates and whipped cream kind of coffees and we had some stories to tell haha. MY dad is very passionate about wildlife and the way animals live and fight for survival, so we watched nat geo a little and talked about the pros and cons of well. . . BEING a tiger and a lion. THEN mom told us about her last gym class, she is getting fitter day by day, so proud. AND then of course, i, told them about my week. THIS one, we all agreed, passed a little harder as we were all so busy, but it is damn good to be busy and have something you love to do and the feeling at the end when you are so productive, nothing compares to that.

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