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Thursday evening thoughts … ❤️

I been telling you thousand times about that beautiful autor by Eleanor Roosevelt

Nothing can make you feel inferior without your consent.

And that is true indeed. I bet we all witnessed on pur own how Easy things go, when we just go with the flow, when pozitivist is a primer and negative thoughts are just cut out.

But what is it then … that is still blocking us sometimes from Being our true selves?

It’s friday, speaking. Holidays on the way. LET’s all give this new year’s wish the chance to be The one.

Don’t be the reason why someone else feels insecure. Be the reason of their confidence.

Stay tuned. Holiday Foods, gifts, ideas and all goodies that come my way Are about to be posted soon!

Take care and for more, go check out @zoeandthepeantbutter

Bisous ❤️😘

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