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What did i do on the first day of 2018? ❤️

Well. We had fun. We went to the concert At midnight. Saw fireworks, ATE good foods, ofc drank champagne. Played Funny games, in two teams and So on.

But, around 4 am we suddenly went out of ideas. That was the exact time when one of us Asked for juice. And on the inside of the bottle stopper was this Message: “when are you going to the seaside?” Funny, right? Especially that me and Sel already kind of suggested to have a getaway like this on new year’s Eve. Well, we all had a silence moment and looked At each other with a shining in our Eyes. Then, i asked for another bottle to see the message underneath. Guess what was the second one saying: “have you made up your mind yet?”. Well, At that point, we knew where we were heading for. We Searched for Trains, i cleaned up the house super quick, we took some food and drinks, and then went to bed for like … 40-50 minutes 😀😀😃😃

And what came NexT… we weren’t tired At all. We were joyful. Oh…. and how fun was At the seaside.. quite a few Adventures that will amuse us forever.

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